In the course of my musical career I have had the good fortune to meet and collaborate with great many musicians, to listen to a great deal of music all over the world and over the years to experiment in many different types of genres.  I think it is good to have such a wide-ranging area: just like a painter  who  can choose every time between  different colours in order to create a painting that is unique and special.

In the end, telling a story with music is like contributing to  the creation of a painting where the composer helps to design the colour of the emotions.

As part of my character  I like to listen and listening is at the basis of every kind of collaboration.  It is not only my music which is important  but it is also my contribution, my artistic  sensitivity towards a project which I must help, improve, elevate.  Sometimes during the course of a projects I am amazed   at  how a director/producer can propel my music and my creativeness  to heights and places   I would never have thought possible.   This is what makes this collaboration so special and stimulating.

Finally, in film scoring, there is the beauty of giving a sound to emotions, to creating that subtle line of dialogue with the audience.  This is a responsibility and a challenge which is different and special for every project.

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